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George Orwell and a new New Testament

Today I picked up a copy of George Orwell’s Animal Farm at the library. This particular edition begins with a foreword, a preface, and an introduction, all of which throw light on the author himself and the times in which he lived. This historical background, tedious as it may be to some, has already helped me to enjoy and benefit from the book more than I would have without it. 

As I sat reading about the experiences of Mr. Orwell (whose real name was Eric Arthur Blair, by the way) and the circumstances which ultimately led him to write such politically themed works as Animal Farm and  his later classical work, 1984, I thought to myself, “Wow, this is so helpful! I wish I had something like this preceding every book of the Bible!” 

And that is precisely why I am writing this blog. I envision a new New Testament in which all twenty-seven books are arranged within the framework of the entire first-century story. I realize there will be gaps, and that even the best of scholarship and archaeology cannot provide us with all the seamless details every historian would give his left arm to have; nevertheless, I believe we need something more substantial than what is on the market today.

There are a few really good chronological Bibles out there, don’t get me wrong. What’s more, in the past year I’ve seen a couple new titles hit the shelves which are aimed at presenting the scriptures in more of this “story” format, all of which I feel are providing a fresh spark in a positive direction. But from what I’ve seen so far there’s still a whole lot more to be desired.

So in case you were wondering, there you have my motivation for this blog. You weren’t wondering? Well, there you have it anyway. 🙂


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